Hi, I’m Bryan. I grew up with the nickname NatureBoy and have had a long standing interest in ethnobotany, which is of the traditional peoples’ knowledge and uses of plants. I hold a degree in Plant Biotechnology and Applied Cannabis Science, yet I choose to work closer to what’s real to me.

After researching the many ingredients found in daily cosmetics, I concluded that we were never meant to use petroleum and its derivatives on our skin. Deciding to use my connection to the plant kingdom (plantae), I created my first products for my family while using aromatic compounds to support my rising vibration.

Since scent remains a primal bridge between internal and external worlds, I believe natural scents are worth embracing.  Our skin is one of the three ways main ways we absorb nutrients from our environment; inhalation, ingestion and absorption. Therefore, the statement of intent for Plantae Creams is Nourish your skin, feed your senses and absorb the goodness of nature!

I encourage you to explore scent and notice the powerful role, that is often ignored, that NATURAL scents have on your life experience!

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